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What: The Anthora coffee cup
Designed by: Leslie Buck of the Sherri Cup Company
Year: 1963
Slogan: We are happy to serve you
What the name means: It's a corruption of amphora, which means urn
Number of cups used per year: 180,000,000

That's a lot of paper, a thought that occurred to Graham Hill, who loves the Anthora's iconic status, but is also committed to turning disposables into permanent objects. He consulted with Aid to Artisans, a nonprofit dedicated to creating economic opportunities for craftspeople in developing nations, who pointed him to Keramics, a small ceramics facility in Lima, Peru. Keramics now produces the cups.

Right now, these new cups are passing through customs, and should be in stores next week. A list of retailers that will be carrying them is here, more at the website. The cups are expected to retail for about $10, are microwave- and dishwasher-safe as well as lead-free.
Following up their Book of Ages 30, Joshua Albertson, Lockhart Steele, and Jonathan Van Gieson have now written The Big 40, out from Crown, $13.95. Some 40 facts, according to the authors:

"…did you know that turning 40 means you are now older than 58% of America, and that you've lost 10% of your muscle mass in the last decade? And that almost 90% of 40-year-olds are in debt? But don't despair — at 40, Lucille Ball's television career was just beginning, Gandhi's plan for civil disobedience was just an outline, and John Glenn's career was about to go into orbit. Chances are you own a home (71%), you feel you're in good or excellent health (87%), and you are happy (51%). About 91% of women and 88% of men have been married, 82% have children, and, best of all, you're still gettin' it on — 1.8 times a week."

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