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Colonel Mustard Food Truck

Every chef needs a sous chef, so this was probably inevitable: a food truck to support other food trucks.

And New York has one now, with the launch next Monday of Colonel Mustard, a condiments purveyor that will tail other gourmet trucks and provide an assist with mustard, ketchup, relish, mayonnaise, various salts and peppers, Branston pickle, maple syrup, chocolate sprinkles, horseradish, ranch dressing, and salsas. Each condiment is $1. The CondiMental®, a mix of all of them, is $6.

This shadow food station is the brainchild of Richard Burns, a former publisher who quit his day job to chase his dream of providing artisanal condiments to New Yorkers. "I never thought French's cut the mustard, so to speak," he said.

Colonel Mustard's mission is to roam the streets, looking for other food trucks. When it finds a compatible rig (using proprietary GPS technology), it will park and open shop.

So whenever you're sidewalk snacking, keep an eye out for the mustard-yellow truck and let them squirt, pour, dollop, salt, or otherwise garnish any food you have on hand.

You can get updates on the truck's whereabouts by following Colonel Mustard on Twitter. A free iPhone app is in the works.

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