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This is the time of year when we're craving, more than sun, more than warmth, more than anything — color.

The World's Most Colorful Natural Phenomena as only Nat Geo photographs can capture them.

Andrew Bly doesn't just see color everywhere, he sees palettes: NYC Palette

Whether she's divining the joy of a couple at the altar, the soul of a pet pooch, or a bass player's moody riff, an Anne Watkins watercolor invariably conveys the impression of a moment with grace.

Holi In The City, the Festival of Colors, has two dates this year: March 17th an 31st. The rainbow is never as much fun, or as messy.

For room color, you can't do better than the artisanal line of paints in the Donald Kaufman Color Collection. Extra inspiration: their Colors of the Month.

The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St. Clair is a fascinating short history of colo(u)r.

Spring Flowers Around the World

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