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THE MORNING LINE via @mattspangler: The Power of Words in Times Square, as part of Tribeca Film Institute's month-long celebration of Nelson Mandela.

Complaining is a New York shibboleth—so even if there's less to complain about in this city of lowered friction, the means to vent have never been more plentiful. The City's 311 phone number or website are good places to start, and there are plenty of websites where you can warn others, including,, Epinions, Pissed Consumer, Consumerist, and Yelp . You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

For specific gripes:

Dept. of Environmental Protection

The Federal Reserve or the State of NY Dept. of Financial Services

NY State Dept. of Health's Office of Professional Medical Conduct [PDF]

Dry Cleaning
NYC 311 CHK link in various ways

Environmental Issues
Dept. of Environmental Protection

For missed collections: Dept. of Sanitation

Government Services and Regulations
Public Advocate for the City of New York

NY State Department of Financil Services

Lawyers & Judges
Association of the Bar of the City of NY

Postal Service
U.S. Postal Service

In addition to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau, complain to Moving Scam

It depends: starting with 311 makes sense here. You will most likely be directed to the Dept. of Environmental Protection or your local precinct.

Civilian Complaint Review Board

Dept. of Transportation

Real Estate Agents
NY Dept. of State Division of Licensing

Dept. of Health

NYC Dept. of Ed for public schools, the NYS Dept. of Ed for private and parochial schools, charter schools, college or university

Dept. of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau

Street Lights
Dept. of Transportation

MTA and the Straphangers Campaign

Taxi & Car Services
Taxi & Limousine Commission

Tax Preparer
NY State Dept. of Taxation and Finance

Tenant Issues
There are so many potential issues—maintenance, discrimination, harassment etc.—with different city and state agencies having jurisdiction over each issue, that your best bet is to start with a call to 311.

Traffic Signs and Lights
Dept. of Transportation

NY State Public Service Commission for electric, gas, telecommunications, water, and cable.


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