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Computer and iPhone Repair

Ah, the old Windows blue screen of death. We were so young then.

Windows users at one time feared that blue screen of death—now there are less dramatic, but no less aggravating, messages from Macs, PCs, and iPhones that something is awry. Sometimes you'll make a beeline for the established repairers; sometimes you think, 'isn't there a college student who could fix this faster and cheaper?'

The answer to that last one is yes. Started by NYU student Joseph Stornelli, JS Technology in the Village says they're 20-30% cheaper than competitors for repairs and in some cases can get your computer or phone back to you on the same day. They'll also do color customization of your iPhone.

You can get a quote on a repair within 24 hours using this form. They're also reachable at 855.NYC.TECH.

New York City

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