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Computer Help

The Blue Screen of Death (at left) has been the bane of Windows users, signaling, as it does, that your computer has had a grand mal seizure. The control-alt-delete emergency response is usually enough to stabilize the damn thing. But not always. If your computer is down for the count, think of these two companies as ER doctors for your PC or Mac.

Computer Guys, 212.414.0321, doesn't offer the cheapest in-home computer help but they do provide some of the best. Services for PC and Mac include technical support, training, consulting for system purchases and home networking. House calls are $90 an hour. They offer business services, too, under the name ingenuIT.

For many Mac folks, there's only one place they'll go for service: Tekserve, 119 W. 23rd [6th/7th] 212.929.3645. In addition to repairs, they do data recovery, upgrades, and sell Mac hardware and software. Their new space on 23rd Street is the exact opposite of the Mac store in Soho. The latter is cool, modern and a tad elitist where Tekserve is a pleasant, democratic jumble.
Since 1991, Noble Desktop 594 Bway [Houston/Prince] 226.4149, has been offering computer graphics training. They teach Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Quark among others.

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