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Cool Containers

The game today is…'things that contain other things…'

Key and Card Case
Functional and stylish (four colors: teal, orchid, mocha, and black) from primo accessories designer Rafe Totengco. $88, Rafe, 1 Bleecker [Bowery] 212.780.9739

Laptop Bag
We can't think of a laptop bag for women more colorful or more fun than this one from Melissa Beth designs. The Pocket Full of Puters, which comes in four colors, is $198.

Mile High Kit
Whether you're going or coming, you (or your giftee) will always be ready for an insta-tryst. $55 at Toys in Babeland, 94 Rivington [Orchard/Ludlow] 212.375.1701 and 43 Mercer [Broome/Grand] 212.966.2120.

Travel Bar
For those who need their social lubricant at hand, two folding cups, two flasks, corkscrew, and stirrer in a leather case. $48 at Flight 001, 96 Greenwich Ave. [Jane] 212.989.0001.

Fink Water Jug
From the Fink design studio in Australia, a water jug in hand-polished silver (pictured). $175 at Felissimo, 10 W. 56th [5th/6th] 212.247.5656.

Melamine Tray
Splash catchers in bright splashes of color. Four styles, $16 each at Global Table, 107 Sullivan [Prince/Spring] 212.431.5839

Infant Stroller Sack
A fleece-lined sack that attaches to a stroller — it keeps your baby extra toasty on winter days. $115 at Kid O, 123 W. 10th [Greenwich/6th] 212.366.5436

Roger la Borde Canisters
Festive polka dots adorn the tinware from the British design studio. $4-$24 at Kate's Paperie, multiple locations.

Box from a Store
It may be the Tiffany blue box for you. Or any number of luxe packaging that comes as part and parcel with a ring of the till at your schmancy stores. Currently we're taken with the box from Paul Stuart: thick cardboard with a satiny coat of chocolate brown, the company's logo in copper at the corner. Inside, it's lined with that copper color. The sweater was nice, but we loved the box.
Gotham Gazette does a superb job with their Coping With the Strike roundup.


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