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Cool Design

Some designs that have caught our eye lately, many by local talents.

Kiel Mead is always doing something we love: from a Cadillac key ring to a gross and funny bubblegum necklace, and from his sweet side, a sterling silver
Forget Me Not ring ($50).

Handmade in Brooklyn, these Mac laptop covers are mostly one-of-a-kind
and definitely eye-catching.

Forget shades of gray. Get a little help from Mr. Jones' The New Decider – where 'yes' and 'no' are only a glance away.

These neckties are handmade in the Village with prices topping out at $45. They'll definitely add some kick to a suit.

Crayon Stones are good for kids and the rest of us who like brightly colored objects. The $8 set is out of stock at the moment, but should be back in soon.

A fresh take on using a mug to hold your pencils, the desk tidy? also has some fun with the decoration (you'll need to look closely). $29.90.

This print from Brooklyn-based Kristiana Pärn, called Baby Bird, is one of many delights on her Etsy site. $20.

What's a iittala Janne Loiske Honer, you ask? A Finnish knife sharpener that Apple would make if it were in the knife sharpening business. $26.25.

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