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Cool Design

P ALIGN=CENTER>A quick survey of some designs that have caught our eye lately, the majority of which were created in the five boroughs.

J. Fold
As formality has been stripped from New York style over the past two decades or so, men's wallets haven't always kept pace — that's where J. Fold comes in. Besides the taxi colors shown here, we like the roadster line with double stripes, the tarmac, and the camouflage — plus they've got zip wallets and a 'magic' one, too.

Volkswagen debuted its Iroc sports car concept recently, an update of the Scirocco which had gone out of production. Check out the interior, too — you can almost hear the classic pinball sounds that should — but don't — come standard.

Brixton Bangle
At Anthropologie, this striking, tartan-patterned Lucite bangle ($248) was designed by Brooklyn-born-and-bred Alexis Bittar, who has a store in Soho at 465 Broome [Mercer/Greene] 212.625.8340. Not sure why this one's called Brixton and not, say, Bannockburn or Dundee, but no matter.

Install the Seura mirror in your bathroom, turn it on, the mirror vanishes and it's an LCD TV screen. Screen size starts at 15-inch and goes up to 45-inch, though a 60-inch is planned. Prices start at about $3,000 and go way up from there.

Spoon Sisters
Who are the Spoon Sisters, is their name really Spoon, and what is this mini-apron? All good questions, but you'll have to answer the first two on your own. The website, which is full of fun gift ideas, has this Crayon Apron, which has slots to hold a box of 24 crayons. $20, which includes the crayons.

Pillows for the People
Hand- and locally-made pillows, some with vintage fabrics, all with loads of charm: Everything from Hipster Dancers (pictured) to Paisley Elvis to a three-pillow set called the Sailor Tattoo Family. The pillows run $12-$16.

The designs for the lighting from this Brooklyn-based company are inspired by "the city's dilapidated building facades," so they should be right at home in many city apartments.

Insiders NY
This DUMBO company makes bags and accessories with boldly patterned, iconic NYC images. New to the line are these lycra gloves — you can choose from Cyclone, Canal St., Subway Map, or Imagine. $90.

Acme Made
We love the designs that come out of this Portland, Oregon company: stylish and well-made messenger bags, totes, backpacks, and iPod covers.

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