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Cool NY Websites

The Lost Museum
A digital recreation of P. T. Barnum's museum on lower Broadway that, before it was destroyed in a fire, was "the most visited place in America."
Jest Magazine
The website of the Brooklyn humor magazine. The "Find Jest" section gave us a good chuckle.
Celluloid Skyline
We've written about this website before, but it remains the most gorgeous site ever about New York, and one of the most interesting.
Apartment Therapy
A beautifully designed and incredibly helpful site for making over your apartment.
Illuminating a trip down memory lane (heh), if NYC streetlights doesn't sound like the most interesting subject, you may be surprised.
Tesla Memorial Society
Science buffs may already know about Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), but this New Yorker deserves wider recognition for his many inventions (he received 700 patents).
Lost Brooklyn Trips
Photos of a Brooklyn that is passing into history.
More Cool NY Websites
Still More Cool NY Websites

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