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Craft Classes

Japanese Flower Arranging
Known as ikebana, Japanese flower arranging is the antithesis of the add-lots-of-baby's-breath-et-voila school. Here's a list of local instructors and schools.

Courtesy of the Society of Scribes, calligraphy classes and one on Copperplate, beginning October 4th, 9:30am-3:30pm, for five sessions. $390.

Skirt Patternmaking
Learn basic flat pattern techniques at Flirt Brooklyn, Sunday, December 13th, 2-4pm, taught by Cal Patch. $50.

At LIC's Brickhouse, ceramics is on your plate. Our source says it's a "truly supportive artists' community." A six-session handbuilding class, Tuesdays from 6-9pm beginning September 22nd, is $235.

An eight-week class from City Quilter, 133 W. 25th [6th/7th] 212.807.0390, will teach you to draft quilt patterns, make templates, design, hand-piece, hand-quilt and bind a sampler quilt. Tuesdays, starting tomorrow, from 6-8pm (a daytime class is available, too). $150.

Box Making
OK, yes, A World of Boxes sounds like an Onion parody. But we bet you'll feel differently if you take the class at Center for Book Arts, 28 W. 27th [6th/Bway] 212.481.0295, 11/9-13, 10am-4pm, taught by Barbara Mauriello. $525.

The Ink Pad, 22 8th [Jane/12th] 212.463.9876, one of our favorite pint-sized stores, runs a lot of classes in stamping and related projects, usually at Westbeth, 55 Bethune [West/Wash]. The next day of classes is Sunday, September 27th.

Get your scrapbooking and art journal chops in no time, with help from the Portrait Bug, 2466 Bway [91st/92nd] 212.600.4457. Choose from sit n' scrap, private lessons ($45/hr), or their monthly 'crops.'

Tuesday nights this fall, 7-9pm, starting September 22nd, learn to knit, purl, and all the rest at Downtown Yarns, 45 Ave. A [3rd/4th] 212.995.5991. Four-week classes are $100.

Take Intro to Printmaking at the LES Printshop this fall on Wednesday nights (6-9pm), starting November 4th, and learn all the basics of intaglio, plus cool stuff like chine collé. $395. [Image: William Villalongo's Reckless Eyeballing]

Japanese Woodblock
Woodblock printing with water-based inks, taught by Takuji Hamanaka, begins October 15th, 6:30-9:30pm, for eight weeks at the Manhattan Graphics Center. $350.

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