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Crime and Punishment

The numbers look good. Crime is way down, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. The rate of our drop is over 10 times the national average of .5% (ours was 5.8%). In Dallas, there were 9328.2 crimes per 100,000 people last year. In New York, 2916.9. We really are the safest big city in America, and we would feel that way if it weren't for the threat of terrorism creating that delicate cognitive dissonance many of us experience as we go through the day. At least Martha is behind bars, making the streets just that little bit safer. More on the crime and punishment theme:

The Roundabout has assembled a terrific cast (including the redoubtable Philip Bosco) for their revival of the courtroom drama Twelve Angry Men opening this week at the American Airlines Theater, 227 W. 42nd [7th/8th] 212.719.1300.

Indulge your hoosegow fantasies with a Sing Sing Lunch Trays from Butter. They come in orange and white and cost $24 or $90 for a set of four.

Someone once described the satisfaction of reading mystery novels as the "promise of moral order." Get your world back in order with our rundown here of mystery bookstores, the Poe Cottage, The Mercantile Library, and the top 25 murder mysteries of all time.

Inconvenient Evidence: Iraqi Prison Photographs from Abu Ghraib, an exhibit (through 11/28) at the International Center of Photography, 1133 6th [43rd] 212.857.0000, reminds us of the appalling events at that prison and that "unlike traditional war photojournalism, the images were not created as documentation of atrocities, but were actually intended as instruments of maltreatment and sexual/cultural humiliation." A symposium, moderated by the ICP's chief curator, will take place on Tuesday, November 9th at 7pm in Cooper Union's Great Hall, 7 E. 7th [3rd] with Seymour Hersh, Luc Sante, and David Levi Strauss.

One of our guilty pleasures is Court TV. "Psychic Detectives"? Love it. And we've recently been wasting spending time on their website where you can learn why Lenny Kravitz is being sued for $300,000 for his toilet's shenanigans. Actually, there's some genuinely interesting stuff, including two sister sites, the notorious Smoking Gun and the lesser known (though equally fascinating) Crime Library.
Fashionhaus, 58 W. 40th [5th/6th] 9th Flr. Tomorrow from 9-6, Thu from 9-7, and Fri 9-6, a sample and stock sale of men's and women's clothing, including René Lezard, Schumacher, Ter et Bantine, and Hache. Schumacher sweaters that retail for $350-$550 are $75-150. René Lezard shearling coats were $2800, now $850. Cards and cash, no checks.

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