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Culinary Explorers

"My all-time favorite question was from a woman reading my 'Any Bean Hummus' recipe. She asked which bean she should use…"

That question was asked of Chris Fisk, whose company, Culinary Explorers, has the mission of getting you to cook more at home and make it fun. These days, that could be called making a virtue out of necessity.

And to that end, Ms. Fisk has added a new class: Cooking on a Shoestring. She'll get you and your kitchen into fighting form, covering basic techniques and turning some larder essentials into delicious meals. It's a four-hour affair, costs $275, and should clear up any confusion about which bean to use in Any Bean Hummus.

MUG's monthly quiz. Answers will be posted, 3pm-ish, on our website.

Q: What was Brooklyn's first park (though its original name was different)?
a) Prospect Park b) Ft. Greene Park c) Carroll Park
A: Ft. Greene Park

Q: The Museum of Arts and Design, now open in its new home in the newly skinned Huntington Hartford Building on Columbus Circle, used to be known as what?
a) American Craft Museum b) American Design Museum c) Manhattan Arts and Design Museum
A: American Craft Museum

Q: Top grossing Broadway show last week?
A: Wicked

Q: Frank V. Canning, a NYC druggist, developed this in 1899, which "Prevents decay, sweetens breath." What?
a) Certs b) Doublemint c) Chiclets d) Dentyne
A: Dentyne

Q: Philippe de Montebello is retiring from the Met Museum at the end of the year. Who's taking over?
a) Robert A. Lipton b) Thomas Campbell c) Alfred Knorr d) Marcus Maggi e) Axel Bookbinder
A: Thomas Campbell

Q: Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Masa, and Per Se. Four of these restaurants received three Michelin stars this year. Which one did not?
A: Daniel

Q: In what borough is Sakura Park?
A: Manhattan

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