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Cyber Shopping

If you can snag a little time from work, you can whittle down your holiday shopping list with a few MUG picks of online retailers.

Delightful ceramic tableware is available from the U.K.'s Bethan Lloyd Worthington, along with her charm bracelets.

Also from the U.K., our favorite marmalades and conserves — Frank Cooper's — are available at the English Tea Store.

Need some stocking stuffers? Try the fun merch at Fred Flare and Perpetual Kid.

You won't find an endless selection of good design at You Say Tomayto, but what's there is cherce.

And why should the humans get all the good design? Stock up for the modern dog and cat at Everyday Studio.

One of our favorite animal lovers, the late artist/illustrator Charley Harper, has a monograph in his honor. It's $200 for 420 gorgeous pages. (The image of two birds is his).

Last year's Cyber Shopping picks:
Small Flower One of the best sites on the web for bath, body, and personal care products from around the world.
Inmod Mid-century modern to contemporary furniture and home accessories.
Alibris Over 60,000,000 out-of-print, second-hand, and new books.
Mastermind Toys A large assortment of fun and educational toys.
Kweejibo We love the shirts from this San Fran company.
Old Print Shop Prints, maps, and photographs from as far back as 1750 from this NYC shop.
CB2 Crate & Barrel's 'second' line of terrific-looking contemporary furniture and accessories.
Maxwell Silver NY A collection of NY boutiques under one digital umbrella.
The Original Sushi Pillow Make that pillows, plural: Salmon nigiri, a flat California roll, even an inside-out roll.
Random Accents Perfect for stocking stuffers.

Books for a Classroom: Though the meter got stuck on 92%, generous (and fleet-fingered) readers actually funded this proposal in full, a few minutes after we sent the newsletter out. It confirms what we already knew—that MUG readers rock. The 8th grade teacher who sent in the proposal wrote to us: "Finally I can fulfill some book requests that my students have been dying to read! Thank you for providing more opportunities for my students to read! Sincerely, Theresa Stillwell"

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