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Delancey Car Service

A little thin-slicing today.

MUG has learned the hard way over the years not to recommend car services. We try to recommend services that we believe will remain consistent over time and that's nearly impossible for car services. (Corporate arrangements tend to work much better than an occasional, individual booking). And picking you up at the airport, for about the price of a taxi? Forget it.

But let's say you need a van to make a short trip within Manhattan to move a few boxes, something along those lines. For that, we like Delancey Car Service, 212.228.3301. We've found the drivers friendly and reliable, the cars spotless. It's $45 for an hour.
Dutch Dossier Reader Mail
· The Sullivan Diner — 169 Sullivan [Houston/Bleecker] — formerly NL — serves marvelous Dutch Pancakes!

· They may not be crème Chantilly, but the Dutch produce some food from which the world has benefited…Dutch herring, a not-so-salty salted herring sold on street corners through the Netherlands (in season) is delicious and fresh eaten raw with some chopped onion. Genever, a yeasty tasty predecessor to gin: there are two kinds, young and old. Fantastic with Dutch herring. Don't knock aged gouda, you know it's fantastic, and if you don't know, pick some up, the older the better, but try 3 ages (1, 3, 5 years) to get an idea of how it changes over time. Oh, and it may be a Belgian knock-off, I'm not sure, but the Dutch waffle cookies, made fresh and sometimes with ginger are pretty amazing….

· I started a small business which involves Dutch traditional cookies (so-called "stroopwafels" but the mini versions) partially dipped in different kinds of chocolate: milk cappuccino, semi-sweet and white coconut. They are dipped in the shape of a moon, hence the name Dutch Moon Cookies. The Dutch Moon Cookies (it was the ship Halve Maen — Half Moon — which Henry Hudson sailed when he discovered Manhattan) refer to the Dutch origins of the City, which is why the logo is The Dutch Are Back! The Dutch Moon Cookies have been in a few stores now for a few months and people really seem to like them.

Sleeping Dogs Lie
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