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Design New York

Disclosure first: MUG worked on the following book in its early stages, though our contributions to the final product are minimal. And we have absolutely zero financial (or any other) stake in it.

For anyone with an interest in design, the new book Design New York is an absorbingly useful resource, both wide-ranging and thorough, and is itself gorgeously designed; editor and publisher Steven W. Kroeter has deftly raised the bar on guide books. Design New York's 676 pages are divided into three color-coded sections: What, Where and When. The 'What' section, the bulk of the book, consists of detailed entries, from a design perspective, on antique centers, bookstores, fashion shows, flea markets, galleries, hotels and restaurants, and stores, among many others. One chapter is called Books to Have in Your Library, a thoughtful list of books to own in architecture, fashion, graphic, interior and product design. The 'Where' section is helpful if you want to hit a neighborhood (sharp maps are included) and see what's there. And 'When' covers exhibitions, antique shows, and festivals during the year.

Have a look at the website to learn more. The book costs $40 and is available at many museum gift shops, Urban Center Books, 457 Madison [50th], 212.935.3595, the Strand, St. Mark's Bookstore, and Rizzoli.
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