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Whether or not you believe that New York has lost its edge and rue same, there's no denying our interactions with the city in the last decade have become far more agreeable. Dealing with the city, and not that long ago, simply meant shaking your fist at the impossibilities of living here. Now, it's more likely to evoke fresh bike lanes, pedestrian zones, a stroll on a formerly abandoned railroad track—pipe dreams turned concrete, concrete turned into parks.

desigNYC's mission, 'improving the lives of New Yorkers through the power of good design,' seeks to continue the trend. They play matchmaker, getting nonprofits paired with designers, working pro bono, to create neighborhood- and city-enhancing projects.

At the beginning of this year, they helped launch a dozen projects—everything from a makeover of a children's play room at a residential haven for domestic violence victims, to a master plan for rethinking the Broadway malls, the 93 medians that go from 70th to 168th street. You can learn more about the projects here.

Round two is starting now. Applications for designers and project ideas are open through November 5th.

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