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The Joy of Cheese
Martin Johnson, veteran of many of the city's gourmet stores, including the much-loved Bedford Cheese Shop, has launched a new cheese (or cheese and wine) tasting course called The Joy of Cheese. It's designed to be held in your apartment. A tasting (for up to ten people) without wine is $225.

The Top 50 Things Every Foodie Should Do Before They Die
Inadvertently very amusing, this list by U.K. paper the Observer includes such priceless advice as "wolf down a hotdog at Coney Island," and a lot of dubious judgment. (Eat at the flagship Jean Georges? A sizable contingent of New Yorkers, we think, would question whether the restaurant is currently living up to its four stars). Coffee at Caffé Florian in Venice a foodie pleasure? A pleasure, yes, but a foodie pleasure? "Make love in a vineyard." Oh, those madcap Brits, forever running naked through the Medoc, looking for a shag-worthy gout de terroir.

Alto, 520 Mad [53rd] 212.308.1099
Ama, 48 MacDougal [Houston/Prince] 212.358.1707
Secretes, 513 E. 6th [A/B] 212.228.2775

Christian Delouvrier
We're still scratching our head over Christian Delouvrier getting the boot from Alain Ducasse since losing a star in the Times. Was it simply the sultan of Bruni's displeasure that Delouvrier got his pink slip, or was Ducasse already unhappy with Delouvrier? Or is there more to the story?

Kitchen & Cocktails
Coming shortly: Kitchen and Cocktails, 199 Orchard [Houston/Stanton] 212.420.1112, from A.J. Gilbert, who owns Luna Park in San Fran. If K & C is anything like Luna Park, expect it to be hip, loud, with decent comfort food.

A beautifully designed new website called Cravings covers the food and libation cravings of its editor and designer, Celia Sin-Tien Cheng. The first feature is on chocolates available around town, but poke around the site for other right-on-the-mark recommendations (like the marrow at Blue Ribbon Bakery).

Hilton Maldives
Just to remind ourselves that you can't actually find everything in NY (and because we love the picture), the first-ever, all-glass (well, acrylic and the floor's not see-through) undersea restaurant in the world has opened at the Hilton Maldives.
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