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Disturbingly Psychotic Mad Libs

In 1953, Leonard Stern, who was then a comedy writer, was sitting at his typewriter in New York trying to come up with a new character for "The Honeymooners." His partner, Roger Price, was in another room. "I was stuck on a descriptive passage and called out to Roger for help with an adjective. Before I could define my need, he called back, 'clumsy!' I now had a character with a round face, blue eyes, and a clumsy nose. At that moment, or maybe ten seconds of laughter later, Mad Libs was born." They tried it out at a party that night and "hilarity reigned." But it wasn't until five years later, when the two of them were sitting in Sardi's, that they came up with a name for the game. After taking it around to various publishers and game makers, who didn't know quite what to do with it, they decided to publish it themselves. Once it was printed, they realized they needed a place to put 14,000 copies of the original Mad Libs, so Mr. Price's CPW apartment served as a warehouse. After Steve Allen used Mad Libs as way to introduce guests, the game flew out of the stores and an American classic was ____. Find Mad Libs here and here:

I want the American noun pl. to know that I will verb your taxes, then invade geographical location  and then go after name of man in the room because he is a(n) adjective man. His country is part of the axis of noun . He has noun pl. of mass destruction. And even if he we find he has been stockpiling noun pl. instead, the Iraqis will not think of us as noun pl.. They will greet us with open noun pl.. Because I believe those with color skins can govern themselves. Now, about those adjective photos of noun pl.. They did make me silly word . But I believe in noun . I don't read noun pl. but I do talk with a higher noun from time to time. And He said to me, and I quote, "You need adjective intelligence." (Plus, an additional number billion appropriation from Congress.) Mistakes? In the words of Ol' color Eyes: adjective I did it My Way. And remember, I'm a(n) occupation not a(n) occupation .
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