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With the current crop of wannabes, you could hardly put together one full-fledged diva, even if you combined Beyoncé's looks, Christina Aguilera's talent, Celine Dion's unhinged relentlessness, and J.Lo's booty.

That's fine, because Babs from the block is singing movies, Aretha is so damn happy, and Liza ankled the somewhat terrifying ball and chain. Cher, Eartha, and mother eartha Barbara Cook have all been busy, Bette's channeling Rosemary, and Chita's gams look as grand as ever. (Only Miss Ross has gone quiet, except for some hand-to-hand combat with Heathrow security.) So for all you diva worshippers, here's a genuflecting rundown.

Aretha: Just played Radio City, has a new CD called "So Damn Happy" that many feel is her best in years.
Babs: New CD, called "The Movie Album" is due in two weeks. Streisand sings "Smile," "You're Gonna Hear From Me," and "Moon River."
Barbara Cook: Her acclaimed show, "Mostly Sondheim," is revisited at Carnegie Hall on November 22 at 8pm. Tickets are $35-96. More info at
Bette: The Divine Miss M has just released "Bette Midler Sings the Rosemary Clooney Songbook." On it, "Hey There," "Mambo Italiano," "White Christmas," and "Sisters" with Linda Ronstadt.
Cher: Still out touring, bless her.
Chita: She'll be resting those million-dollars gams after she leaves "Nine" on October 5. If the musical "The Visit" can get itself produced, Ms. Rivera may have a new gig as its star.
Eartha: Once Chita leaves Nine, the never-monotonous Ms. Kitt slinks in. Tickets are at 212.239.5258.
Liza: The Fox show "Arrested Development" debuts in November. Sometime after that, look for L with a Z to turn up on several episodes playing a socialite.
Miss Ross: Mattel has created a Diana Ross Barbie doll, complete with a white gown (and matching fingernails, one prays), designed by Bob Mackie (speaking of divas).
"The Golden Girls: LIVE!," the hit all-male tribute to the sitcom, continues at Upstairs at Rose's Turn, 55 Grove 212.366.5438, until the end of the year, when it makes a move to off-Broadway. More info at, You go, Girls.

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