arts 09.26.08

Dog Run

Dog runs can be a fun place to socialize, but they can also be a hotbed of factions and feuds. And that's just for the owners. Dogs tend to have a whole different perspective. Photographer Michael Crouser has captured canines of all shapes and sizes in these unnatural habitats here in New York as well as Minneapolis, and it's mostly not sweetness and light. It's more complicated and more interesting, but there's comedy, too.

He has a book of this series, called Dog Run, out on October 2nd. There's also an exhibit of these images at Gallery FCB, 16 W. 23rd [5th/6th] 212.727.3635, from October 2nd-31st.

We're introducing a new series here called MUG Under $21. Once a week we'll pick one thing — something to buy, see, do, eat or drink, with a sticker price under $21 — that we think will enhance your apartment, your wardrobe, a night out, your weekend, or your mood. First up, from NY jewelry designer Erica Weiner, charming Sparrow Earrings. They're lightweight, made out of brass, and have gold plated ear hooks. $20.

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