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As we do once a semester or so, MUG is asking you to help a NYC classroom through DonorsChoose. Here's what one NYC teacher has to say about Choices/Decisions/Consequences.

The choices you make today have consequences for your future. I teach inner city freshman and I look for books in which I can reach and teach the students at the same time to prepare them for the English regent and their future.

Getting low level readers interested in reading is a challenge in itself, this is overcome with Bodega Dreams. The novel is a Spanish Harlem version of The Great Gatsby which they will read their junior year. The students are able to connect to the novel because the main character is a teenager in an inner city neighborhood, just as they are and so form a connection. I usually teach this novel in conjunction with the leadership program we participate in, but unfortunately due to budget cuts we lost the program. I am hoping to continue the lesson of choices/decisions/consequences despite our loss and encourage the students to think before they act, along with literary terms and techniques to prepare them for the regent.

I need 5 class sets of Bodega Dreams as this will allow every student to take a book home and read independently, another important tool students need to learn. Students will continue to learn the habits of a proficient reader while enhancing their analytical skills. Using this novel along with smartboard, group work, and independent projects, students will continually reinforce the idea of choices/decisions/consequences through their actions and analyzation of the novel.

With your help students will become better prepared for books they will read in upper grades, the English regent, and most of all their future. Through the novel, class activities, and independent projects, students will learn that everything they do has a ripple effect that can affect them later on in life.

NEEDED: $997

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