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Donors Choose

As we do several times each year, MUG is asking you to help a NYC classroom through Donors Choose. We're asking in spite of the recession, but because of it, too. There's just not enough money allocated to provide the number of books needed by each city classroom. This is one bail-out, though, where you'll know exactly how your money is spent. Here's the request from the teacher:

A Great Book Can Change A Child's Perspective!

This is my third year teaching in a high-need community. There are very few places in my students' neighborhood that are cheery, bright, and safe. However, I have worked very hard and spent a great deal of money creating a classroom environment that is inviting, colorful, and full of learning opportunities. My classroom is a fifth grade inclusion class. More than half of the students are classified as special education and all of the students come from low-income families. The general education population in my classroom are all students who have moved up with me from third to fourth and now fifth grade. I am working to merge the two classes together, build community and friendships, and foster a positive learning environment.

My students love to read! They love to read chapter books about fabulous characters and outlandish adventures. Literature circles are a big part of my class and multiple copies of high interest novels are necessary. The only problem is that I don't have enough of these types of books!

I have selected thirteen book titles that will be a part of my literature circle library where students go to select, read, and discuss novels in small groups. What makes these thirteen books so special is that they focus on characters who have special needs or who just don't fit in. I hope that these books will provoke deeper and more meaningful discussions and help to bridge the gap between the high and low functioning students within my class.

Your donation will ensure that my students have enough high interest novels to participate in small book discussions. My students are truly amazing and I am constantly looking for new ways to encourage their love of reading. New literature circle books will help to make this possible!

My students need 10 copies of 13 chapter book titles such as "Each Little Bird That Sings" by Deborah Wiles. The cost of this proposal is $1,045, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

To donate, click here.


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