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Every Person in New York

Share the love of reading with NYC students, many of whom attend schools that need more books. Today, we're highlighting four Donors Choose project requests.

Bringing Characters to Life!
My first graders really LOVE to read! These fun, engaging characters practically leap off the pages, begging young readers to bring them to life by acting out their stories! This, in turn, leads to improved fluency in reading, along with a sheer joy for reading!

There is nothing more exciting than walking into a first grade classroom and hearing the squeals of joy as they act out a grumpy Gerald (Elephant) or an excited Piggie! Displaying these wonderful books in this child- accessible shelf will surely grab even the most reluctant reader's attention. Please help my young beginning readers succeed! $411 needed>>

Inspiring Books for Book Clubs Our gifted and talented students are avid readers. They read daily in our classroom and at home. We want to start book clubs based on student interests and reading levels. This helps them to discuss their reading and collaborate in reading groups.

We are looking to supplement our reading library with book club books based on interests and reading levels. We have selected five titles that are based on reader's interests and we are so excited to get started. We are going to collaborate in our books as leaders, planners, recorders and more. We are taking initiative in planning our reading, leading discussions and answering questions about our reading. We want to create higher order thinking questions around our chapters and dive into close reading strategies. Please help us supplement our library with these book choices! $212 needed>>

Romeo! Romeo! Where Art Thou Romeo and Juliet Books? My ninth grade students are currently about to embark on a new literacy journey and discover Shakespeare's stunning love story, Romeo and Juliet. In order to enhance their learning experience and engagement, I would like for my students to be able to not only read the text in class, but at home as well.

The "No Fear Shakespeare" version of the text helps students comprehend the text and allows students to use reference materials to further support comprehension instead of asking the teacher or worse, falling behind and becoming frustrated.

There are currently not enough copies available for my students to have even in class. This donation would be beneficial to the learning process as my students will be able to read at home and contribute to meaningful and insightful classroom discussions the next day. I encourage my students to read at home daily for enjoyment, so this would truly be benefiting them in several ways. $324 needed>>

More Than Just a Book Do you remember the first book you read, that made you an avid reader? First impressions are very important. I want to create a great first impression of books, for my students, so they are able to appreciate and love quality books.

They are ideas that inspire conversations and allow us to learn so much about our students and their wonders.

This year's group of 4-year-old explorers are wonderful to work with. They are kind, compassionate, bright, and full of great ideas and wonders. They have been fascinated with water and it's a topic that can take our class in so many different directions.

I am requesting books about water to help further our children's inquiry as well as books about color because creating in the art and painting center is their strength in expressing what they know and want to learn more about. Having these books available in our classroom will help develop and foster their love for reading. $124 needed>>

Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for more at Jason's site and his book Every Person in New York.

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