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Donors Choose
Help Harlem Kids Read!

As we do once a semester or so, MUG is asking you to help a NYC classroom through Donors Choose. We're asking in spite of the recession, but because of it, too. There's just not enough money allocated to provide the number of books needed by each city classroom.

Every time we've asked you to contribute, you've done so quickly and generously (here are the comments from some of the MUG donors from our last challenge and a letter from the teacher after the goal was met.)

Today's request is from a Harlem teacher with modest needs – $533 – though that money can have a profound effect on dozens of first and second grade students. Here's her request:

Help kids in Harlem become radical readers and invest in their future! I am an Academic Intervention Services teacher in Spanish Harlem - a high-need, high poverty community. I work with students in first and second grade who are struggling in their reading and need that extra push (intervention) to help them succeed. I pull students out of their classrooms and work with them in small groups of 5-6 students to enhance reading and writing skills.

In order for children to be able to read, they need practice reading - and this is the problem! We don't have any books to read! We practice sounds and letters. We look at phonics rules and apply them to reading and writing words. We do a lot of hands-on activities. However, as of now, I have had to print stories from the web for students to read. Unfortunately, this is not quite the same as having a book to hold. It is also difficult to find stories that are at their level or that focus on the skills they are learning.

I am asking for your help! I would love to have books that are at their level, books they can feel proud to read and, most importantly, books that will help them succeed in reading.

Your help can make a difference! When students can read and write, there is nothing that can hold them back! When you invest in the lives of these children, you invest in their future.

My students need 6 copies each of decodable storybook sets with a variety of levels ranging from beginning reading (vowels, digraphs, blends, etc.) to more difficult reading (2 syllable words, r-controlled, soft c, etc). The cost of this proposal is $533, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

Donate here.


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