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Bill Cunningham, Rest in Peace.

The kids are out of school as of tomorrow, so now is the perfect time to stock their classroom shelves with books for the fall. Today, we're highlighting four project requests.

Kids Need Book BFFs! My students love to read, and cherish independent reading time. Typically, when they have books that they love in their hands, they ask for tons of reading time. They have been sharing books and reading to each other, and have become very good at pulling others into their selections. With these books, students can practice reading with fluency and voice. They can also practice responding to literature—aloud with friends and formally on paper. Most of all, they will become pros at finding books that are engaging—the stuff of being a lifelong reader. $524 needed>>

Exciting Reading With Exciting Books! Many of my students come from homes where reading is not modeled and there are no books. Language is also a roadblock to successful skill building. My third grade students are struggling with reading and writing. It's hard to teach reading when students see reading as a horrible chore, and not as something that enhances lives. We are one of the lowest performing 3rd grade classes in our school. I know that the further my students fall behind the harder it is for them to move forward. Having a compelling and interesting classroom library can help me pull them into a great book and get them to LOVE reading. $190 needed>>

Who Can I Become? My students are 3rd, 4th and 5th graders with various special needs who love to learn! They are very excited to read about how other people live their lives and are inspired by real-life success stories. Having books about real people who have done incredible things will teach them and give them hope! $294 needed>>

Rocking Readers My students attend a Title 1 school in 'Da Bronx, NY. They come from diverse backgrounds and four languages. They are united in their love of a good story and their desire to do well in school and in life. My students are eager learners who love to lose themselves in a good book. Because of their diverse learning needs, they read on a variety of levels and a variety of topics. I am always told that I have the best class in the school and I want to make them even better! $352 needed>>

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