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As we do once a semester or so, MUG is asking you to help get books into NYC classrooms. Today, we're highlighting four project requests.

Calling All Readers! My students love to read! They love reading for pleasure and reading to learn information. They love fiction and talking about characters and plot and they also love learning new information from nonfiction books. Our favorite day of the week is Monday. On Monday the children go "book shopping". That's when they return their 8 independent leveled books from their book baggy and "shop" for 8 new ones. Your donation to this project will give the children the opportunity to "shop" for different books from week to week so they can become better readers and to continue to LOVE reading! $715 needed>>

Extra, Extra, We Want To Read All About… My third graders love to read! They love when I get new books that they haven't had the opportunity to read yet. I want to strengthen their love of reading by gaining a new supply of books on their "Just Right" levels. These books will help my students to learn about the genre of mystery and all of the different parts that make it up. They will also learn about many different people when we read different biographies. They will be able to gain knowledge about many different leaders, inventors, artists, musicians, etc. $337 needed >>

Changing the Dynamics of Reading with John Green! How can we expect a student to be interested in reading if they can not relate to the story? Within the last few years many coming of age stories have been written that have drastically changed literature. These books will take my students on journeys that will make them think, reevaluate and learn! My students are 12 individuals with emotional disturbances who have been hit truly hard by budget cuts and by the pressure exerted on them because of the shift in education! My students are reluctant readers who do not want to read the same old stories, by the same old authors as I am told day in and day out! These books will not only take students on adventures of a lifetime, but will also appeal to them as books they have never read before that are high interest. $351 needed >>

If Books Are Medicine For The Soul, We Need A Rx!!!! My educational philosophy is that every child deserves a quality education, regardless of where he or she grows up. I work in a school in the poorest Congressional district in the country and every year the budget keeps getting tighter. Adding new books to our classroom library would greatly invigorate my students and their love for reading. Reading gives them a window on new worlds and increases their knowledge base. It also is an enjoyable activity they love doing. They would love to get new books to add to our collection. We read every day after lunch for 25 minutes, they read independently at different points during the day, and they are supposed to read at least 25 minutes for homework. These books will get read and put on requested lists as soon as they arrive in our classroom library! $246 needed >>

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