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THE MORNING LINE School will be out for summer later this month, but the needs will be as critical when September rolls around. Please help out these four classrooms with Donors Choose.

We Need More Books To Improve Our Reading
Do you remember reading and reading through different leveled books and when you finally get to the level you've been working toward, there aren't any books in the classroom library? My kindergarten, first and second grade special needs class is located in a high poverty area. This area was affected by Hurricane Sandy in October. Many of my students are learning disabled and have been learning new strategies to help them improve their reading.

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Help My Scholars Become Better Readers
Reading is essential in the education of today's youth. My students eyes light up when I bring in new books. This is something their parents cannot provide for them at home. They rely on me for exciting new material to dive into. My middle school students are searching for their identities in the world. Who am I? It is my job to guide them to a path of excellence. I have established in the classroom a silent reading time that every student looks forward to daily. Reading is a great way for my students to enhance their vocabulary and gain comprehension skills. These students live in a low poverty area where school is considered a warm and safe place for them. Books can make a difference in the lives of these kids. They need inspiration to set their goals high and reach for the stars.

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We're Fostering a Love of Reading!
Do you recall proclaiming, "I read it all by myself!", as a child? I hear that often in my school library. I love to share in my learners' love and excitement for books and you can too, by donating highly needed books to our new school library. Our library is three- years-old and needs lots of materials. Our public school students are curious and enthusiastic readers. They love to read and look forward to visiting our library. I want to make it an even more inviting place with the addition of high interest and high quality literature. I want every student to leave our library with several books. Our collection needs to be as rich and as varied as our students and their diverse interests.

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We Love to Read!!
Don't you love a good book? My students have read all of our books in our library. We need more to keep us going! I have 13 special needs students with various disabilities. They have many academic, social and behavior needs. They are in a self-contained class in a public school in New York City. Our school is a low income area and my students don't have much money. Crime and violence is very high in our area. These books will help my students in reading. They will get the opportunity to read new, exciting books at their reading levels.

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