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As we do once a semester or so, MUG is asking you to help get books into NYC classrooms. Today, we're highlighting four project requests.

Help These Little Ones Learn to Love Books! Do you remember wanting to hear your favorite books over and over again? My classroom is made up of a variety of learners in a high needs school. Many of my students have never been to school before. I believe my most important task is to help my students develop a love of school and a love of learning. More [$262 needed]

All About Facts Learning to read is the first step to reading to learn. Unfortunately, many of my students have not yet mastered the first and are expected to do the second. By having sets of nonfiction texts that are at the exact readability level for my students, they will be able to work on both skills at the same time and feel confidence about their learning. They will be able to make independent book choices, knowing that they will be able to consider only a book's topic, and not whether or not it is too hard for them or if they won't understand it. More [$371 needed]

Great Books Needed For a High Needs Classroom Library! For some of us, it's hard to imagine a world without books. However, many of my students have never had the exposure to fun, engaging books to hook them into reading. That's why this project is so important to me. I'd love to stock my already growing library with new, great titles. More [$275 needed]

Creating A Classroom Library! My students are deaf and hard-of-hearing. They attend an inner city school for the deaf in the Bronx. We have limited resources for books and materials. American Sign Language is their first language, and many of the children come from homes that don't even speak English. The students have severe language delays that impede their ability to read. Every day is a struggle for them as they try and learn to read. However, they are very eager and are always trying their best. More [$102 needed]

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