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As we do once a semester or so, MUG is asking you to help get books into NYC classrooms. Today, we're highlighting four project requests.

Operation Build a Library! Our students are very enthusiastic about visiting the library, and are especially interested in trying new genres and types of books. We'd love your support to get our kids even more pumped up about reading! Our students would certainly benefit from more reading material. They want to read what other kids their age are reading. Often, teachers at our school read along with the students, and we have great conversations about books! $526 needed >>

ReSTORe STORYtime Do you remember gathering around your teacher in kindergarten to hear a new story read aloud? This is one of my students' favorite times of the day, but we are in need of new stories to read! I teach a wonderful group of 22 5-year-olds. They come to school each day eager to learn and excited to be there with their peers. Our school tries hard to provide all the materials that we will need, but budget cuts have made it increasingly difficult for us to get new books. Please help! $217 needed >>

Classroom Library Some of my students have not yet discovered books that capture their imaginations. This could be the year that magic happens and they fall in love with books. My school is located in East Harlem. Some of my students live in shelters and other inadequate living conditions. I want my classroom to be a place my students love to come to each day. The books I currently have in my classroom are falling apart and are not spiking my students interests. I am in need of new books in order to encourage them to love reading as much as I do. $496 needed >>

Baskets Need Books! I teach a fun loving group of first graders. We are a blend of really bright first graders and several high functioning children on the autism spectrum. They all love to share books and read. I really need to keep it going all year. We have several empty book baskets that are lonely for books. $453 needed >>

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