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The kids are back in school but that doesn't mean they've found a well-stocked library of books. As we do once a semester or so, MUG is asking you to help get books into NYC classrooms. Today, we're highlighting four project requests.

Guided Reading Books for Kindergarten Students My school is a brand new school located in a school closed due to failure. I teach a kindergarten class consisting of predominantly English language learners from West Africa and the Dominican Republic. Their parents have brought them to America to make a better life for their families. I am requesting a set of First Little Readers leveled library for levels A-C. These books will be used during guided reading with a group of 5 children $234 needed>>

Third Graders Love Animals! There is something I have learned about third graders over the years…they LOVE animals! This year I am trying to give the kids more choice when it comes to our nonfiction research projects. Adding books about animals to our classroom will truly give them a thrill. Our social studies units engage students in learning about our world. We typically take a serious look at China, the United States, and Africa. If we have more books on animals from all different continents, it will fit perfectly with our overall curriculum. $163 needed>>

Help Us Develop Our Love For Reading… We Have No Library Can you remember exactly when you started to love reading? It was probably after you read a book that really intrigued you and interested you. Well, my students aren't any different however unfortunately there are not enough books that are high-interest and on multiple reading levels to support this. They come to school each day ready and eager to learn. For many of them school is not just a place to learn, but it also what many of them would consider a place that feels like home. Students should be able to touch and feel books that are not worn, written in, missing pages, or destroyed. Our school doesn't have a library so these books would greatly impact students' outlook toward reading. $413 needed>>

Skyrocket into Second Grade with New Guided Reading Books Oh! The Places You'll Go! You'll be on your way up! You'll be seeing great sights! You'll join the high fliers who soar to high heights. (Dr Seuss) We teach in a school that is a celebration of life and work; inquiry, noticing and joining with children in their quest for learning about the world! We are lucky to have a great diversity in the cultures and types of learners in our school. However, in trying to meet the variety of needs of our diverse classrooms we have noticed that we do not have adequate resources. Many of the reading materials we have does not adequately meet the needs of our highest and lowest readers. We are greatly in need of guided reading books to supplement and reinforce our reading instruction. We also lack books that are of high interest topics to our students. $532 needed>>

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