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DonorsChoose, that innovative online charity, has a mission to help public school students get crucial but missing resources. Teachers write about what they need most, post it, and then someone, hopefully, donates to help fulfill the request.

In February, we asked you to raise $1,035 for a Brooklyn classroom, which you did in a matter of minutes. Today's request is for a Special Education Elementary School in the Bronx. Needed: $1,469.

Our school is a special education elementary school. It is made up of students with autism, multiple disabilities, learning disabilities, and emotional disabilities. Over 70% of the students in our school receive free breakfast and lunch and live in very low-income areas. I teach six students with autism and two students who are diagnosed as mentally retarded. Teaching children with special needs is a very challenging and rewarding experience.

The students in my class are currently working on all different academic levels. One thing they all consistently love to do is read. Our class recently received hundreds of books from a DonorsChoose proposal. It has been so much fun to watch them all in the library center reading their new books. The look of excitement on their faces was priceless. Teaching my students to read has always been a struggle for many reasons. Now that many of them know their basic sight words, they are all reading at a first through third grade level.

If my students had a comfortable and inviting reading center their reading levels will increase for sure. It would be so great to walk into a library that allows my students to choose a book, sit comfortably, and read. Since many of my students also have physical limitations, comfortable seating areas will allow them to read comfortably.

All students deserve an equal and fair education. I think that students with special needs should be allowed the same resources and possibilities as every other child. Children with autism struggle and are faced with many challenges. Providing them with a comfortable environment and giving them the opportunity to learn is my number one goal. Please help make this possible for some very deserving special children.

My students need a comfortable seating area in our classroom library. The cost of this proposal is $1,469, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

We hope you'll take a moment to drop a few dollars into the bucket—it can make a big difference to some young New Yorkers. Click on the link below for more info and to donate:

Help public school kids through my challenge!

gone -- hilly kristal (from sept 07)

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