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Dragon Rock

Russel Wright, views of the Hudson Valley, and that castle on the hill you see from Route 9D are enough to get us out of the city next weekend. There are a limited number of tickets left for the following house tour, so here's a head's up.

On Sunday, June 5th, 11:30am-5pm, Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center is sponsoring a tour of eight Hudson Valley homes. And not just any homes. First and foremost is Dragon Rock, Russel Wright's studio (pictured) in Garrison, NY. Carved from a stone quarry, it overlooks a pond and a waterfall, and of course features Mr. Wright's mid-century modern aesthetic. You also get access to:

A 4,400 square foot condominium with 23 foot high ceilings in the 1902 Dick's Castle, designed by Juergen Riehm, who has designed the Museum of Modern Art stores.

A rustic, hilltop lodge built in 1892, with 360 degree views of the Hudson Valley. It was built for naturalist and long-time head of the Museum of Natural History Henry Fairfield Osborn.

An ultra-modern "new pragmatism" home, designed by Stan Allen, dean of Princeton's architecture department.

An Arts and Crafts-inspired modern home that sits next to the Hudson River overlooking the spot where George Washington had a chain put across the river to keep the British warships from moving north.

Plus, a tower, Tuscan influences, and a converted 1840 barn.

Here's the deal: it's $125 and you'll need a car. You get a tour map and can visit any or all of the homes at your own pace. Included in the price is a box lunch provided by caterer Ann Wright, who happens to be Russel Wright's daughter. Enjoy the lunch on one of the terraces or in one of the gardens of the various homes. Call Manitoga at 845.424.3812 or email info@russelwrightcenter.org to register.

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