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Dry Cleaners

Schlepping the schmatte for a chemical rinse? Most days, you aren't going to go out of your way for a dry cleaner. This is for those rare occasions — when a favorite suit needs new buttons, or a couture dress has an unidentifiable stain, or a vintage gown needs restoration. These are the top dry cleaners in town.

Hallak Cleaners
1232 2nd [64th/65th]

Madame Paulette
1255 2nd [65th/66th]

31 Univ. Pl. [8th/9th]
245 E. 57th [2nd/3rd]

For leather care, see MUG's article on leather.

A small, beautifully designed tech-buying guide for non-techies is a free PDF, downloadable here, courtesy of It's the work of technology expert Mark Hurst.

The nice people over at Mixed Greens, 601 W. 26th [11th/W. Side Hwy] 11th flr. 212.331.8888, are hosting a day of shopping, schmoozing, wine, and art this Saturday, 12/11, from 11am-6pm. Twenty or so emerging artists and designers, including Rissy Lyn, Jennifer Leitzes, and Margaret Nicole will have great stuff for sale. Admission is free.

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