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The Holland Society Library, 20 West 44th [5th/6th] 212.758.1675, has an extensive collection of books and historical records of Dutch settlements, ancestry, history, and culture focused on the New Amsterdam and Hudson River settlements.

MoMA's de Kooning: A Retrospective is the big art of the event of the fall, the first major exhibition of work from the artist's entire career.

Andrée Markoe Caldwell gives a gallery talk at the Met, on 17th Century Dutch Paintings and looks at the lives of Rembrandt and Vermeer through their paintings. Friday, 12/9, 7pm.

More Rembrandt (and contemporaries) coming in January at the Morgan: Rembrandt's World: Dutch Drawings from the Clement C. Moore Collection.

The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan: A Novel of New Amsterdam, by Bill Greer, is a romp through this island in 1626, starring Mevrouw Jackie Lambert, who opens a tavern downtown. Given Jackie's experiences with the Dutch, you can be sure her place wasn't called The Dutch.

The Dutch have been responsible for so many wonderful things in the history of the world. Food? Well, there really isn't a Dutch Golden Age of Cooking. Sure, Gouda, Edam, stroopwafels, Dutch herring, Genever, a few decent beers. Maybe Hollandaise, too, but the French also make a claim to that—you know the French. Vandaag, 103 2nd [7th] 212.253.0470, doesn't press the Dutch point too hard, saying they're inspired by the cuisine of Northern Europe, with a 'focus on Denmark and Holland.'

However: Pella, Iowa, known as home to Pella windows, should really be known as home of family-owned Jaarsma Bakery. As a MUG reader noted, "Some of their items' recipes I think amount to: 'Take stick of butter, wrap in dough, coat in sugar, bake.' They're some of the best-tasting pastries I've ever had in my life." They ship.

Amsterdam-born Erik Frenken was head designer of women's clothing at Viktor & Rolf before leaving to take over the Avelon men's and women's line. For his work, he's been nominated this year for a Dutch Fashion Award. You can find a selection of the clothing at Opening Ceremony.

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