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Hidden dangers in your home? Is your furniture putting your family at risk?! The answer may surprise you…at 11!!!

Enough of the local TV station tease. The fact is that particle board, polyvinyls, epoxies, and scores of other materials used in home furnishings release fumes as volatile components break down. Given the choice, most of us would probably not choose to breathe in this 'outgassing' — as the chemical tooting is called.

But that's the problem: these materials are so widely used that they're difficult to avoid. One solution is a company called ECO of NY, 901 E. 134th [Walnut/Locust] Bx 800.238.5008, which stands for Environmental Construction Outfitters of NY.

Their mission is to provide construction and remodeling materials that are environmentally friendly, ecologically safe and non-toxic, obtained from sustainable, natural, hypoallergenic, and recycled sources.

One example: a reader had bought bookshelves that had been finished with a formaldehyde-based stain. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and gasses away like there's no tomorrow. The reader found a solution through ECO of NY: a product called Acrylacq, used by many chemically-sensitive people as a furniture finish to reduce toxins.

ECO of NY carries stuff for all parts of your home, including building components, paints and stains, finishes and sealers, pest control, and cleaning supplies. The website isn't the most user-friendly; fortunately their customer service is.
For the Birds
These are among the most stylish birdfeeders we've seen in a long time. They're made from stainless steel and cost $82 (the suet feeder is $39.95), available at Lekker.

New(ish) Bars
Clandestino, 35 Canal [Ludlow/Essex] 212.475.5505
Crocodile Lounge, 325 E. 14th [1st/2nd] 212.477.7747
Down South, 125 5th [St. John's/Sterling] Bklyn 718.230.0236

2nd Email Today from MUG
You'll be getting a second email from us today — a sponsored email from the Makor folks describing the movies, music, and talks that take place there all the time. Would we even want them as a sponsor if they didn't have such good stuff? (OK, possibly we would, but the fact is they do a lot of cool programs). So, go on, open it, go check out an event there. You'll enjoy it, our sponsor will enjoy you enjoying it, and we'll have the dough we need to stock up on Acrylacq.


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