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Walking Off the Big Apple

An egg decorating and an egg toss at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday, 10:30am.

Do some at-home egg decorating with a kit from Williams-Sonoma.

Easter brunch reservations.

The Egg Man
In the design world, that would be Jim Schatz, who designs and manufactures attractive egg-shaped lamps, coin banks, vases, and bird feeders. The popular Star Egg Nightlights ($135) have small holes in the shell, so the light projects 'stars' on the walls and ceilings.

Fresh Eggs
Most people would pick Knoll Krest Farm eggs as their greenmarket favorite, and the permanent line at the Union Square market is proof. Also well regarded are Quattro's and Northshire.

The Forbes Faberge Eggs Collection
No more. The collection was sold for a $100 million or so to Victor Vekselberg, an Russian industrialist. Vekselberg wanted to bring the eggs back to Russia and did just that after their sale in 2004.

Egg Chair
Danish designer Arne Jacobsen's egg chair, which debuted in 1958, still has its passionate adherents and a website to share the love.

Egg Poaching Toaster
This multi-tasker from West Bend has an 'egg-toast' setting so that a DIY Egg McMuffin is ready in about five minutes. $49.88

The people at Egg, 135 N. 5th [Bedford/Berry] Williamsburg 718.302.5151, take their eggs seriously, which means you'll get one of the city's better breakfasts at this small spot. They serve lunch, too, but you can get breakfast served until 6pm. Cash only.

Deviled Egg Plate
This porcelain platter from Sur La Table, $12.95, gets extra points for being egg-shaped itself.

Yup, Victoria's eggwhite facial soap from Helsingborg in Sweden is available from
Bigelow, 414 6th Ave. [9th] 212.533.2732. Egg white regimens were said to be at one time a weekly must of tout Helsingborg.

Three Painted Nests by artist Nancy Jean, $105.

Truffled Egg Toast
It was love at first sight when we first wrote about 'ino, 21 Bedford [Downing/6th] 212.989.5769, back in February, 1999 and we've never stopped loving it. Among its many small pleasures: truffled egg toast.

Hey, no caviar in an eggs roundup? Another day (another economy)…

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Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

New York, New York Films at the 10th Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival begins this week, and following tradition, the 10th iteration of the homegrown festival includes several films that show off the enduring cinematic power of the home city. This year's documentaries include a portrait of a 1980s-era New York club owner (Limelight), the story of September 11 survivors who help other communities in rebuilding (New York Says Thank You), the influence of a hip-hop group from the early 90s (Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest), and the journey of a brilliant young chef trying to find his moment (A Matter of Taste).

Of the New York-centered featured narratives, look for the story of an ex-roadie looking for meaning as he returns to his home neighborhood in Queens (Roadie) and a tale of a successful married New York couple testing fidelity (Last Night). The festival closes with Edward Burns' Newlyweds, shot on location in Tribeca, about the often challenging extended family relationships inherited in marriage. Several short films also make ample use of the city. What follows is a selection of films in this year's Tribeca Film Festival that prominently feature New York. Just don't trip over the movie set as you make your way to the theater. [Continued]

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