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Election Songs
Old New York
Poll: How Crazy is Rudy Giuliani?

THE MORNING LINE An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it.
—George Bernard Shaw

The State of the Union Songbook, tonight at The Greene Space, is the first part of Michael Friedman's Election Songs, a musical lens on this presidential campaign. Mr. Friedman wrote the score for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, and is a member of The Civilians, so it's likely he has a more nuanced sense of this past year than pure dirge.

The second part, Campaigns Are Like Wildfires: An Election Song Cycle, plays City Center on November 7 and, the next night, Mr. Friedman will host an Election Night Hootenanny at Joe's Pub, starting at 8:30pm. You could stay home and listen to Scottie Nell Hughes spin for the last time, but haven't you suffered enough?

ca. 1917
The caption for this photo read: "Calm about it. At Fifty-sixth and Lexington Avenue, the women voters showed no ignorance or trepidation, but cast their ballots in a businesslike way that bespoke study of suffrage."


How crazy is Rudy Giuliani?


One fry short of a Happy Meal.




Batshit crazy.


Seems fine to me.

The Queensboro Bridge

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