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Electric and Gas

Oh, good times. Save this MUG for after work…get out your fine print glasses, your Con Ed bill, a glass of vino, and let's have the most fun possible with kilowatt hours.

The key section is the supply charges section of your bill. So yours says something like Supply 1,085 kWh @19.43¢/kWh. Maybe yours is down around 13 cents. Lucky you.

But here's the thing: you have choices. And Con Ed won't/can't stand in your way. The key lingo is ESCO or Energy Service Company. You can easily switch to an ESCO, rather than Con Ed, as your energy supplier, though Con Ed will continue to deliver that energy.

Why would you want to switch?

You can save money.
Go to this list of approved suppliers of electricity and gas and ask them what they'll charge to deliver your energy. You'll need to choose between a fixed or market rate and to sign up for a specific term, generally one year. The benefits are:
• your cost per kilowatt hours may go down
• delivery charges won't be subject to sales tax
• and many of the ESCOs offer additional incentives such as frequent flyer miles or cash back.

You can go green.
Many of these companies, Con Ed included, offer you the choice of power generated from renewable resources such as wind. It will, however, add a premium on to your bill.

Changing your supplier turns out to be reasonably straightforward as well as satisfying to choose how you want to get lit.

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