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The idea: Ryan Deussing got the idea for Elsewares "last holiday season when my mailbox filled up with catalogs offering tchotchkes made on the cheap in Third World countries and then marketed to rubes like me at insane prices. Insulted, I decided to spend my money someplace else, but I simply couldn't find any independent resource for funky, hip, alternative gifts — so I started Elsewares."

The goods : Thoughtfully chosen, modestly priced, with plenty of things you'd happily give as a gift or just as happily keep for yourself. Look for necklaces in silver or glass, poster frames, bags, greeting cards, and socks.

The designers: Most of Elsewares' designers are local talent.

The karma: When you go to pay for your purchase, you get to vote for one of their nonprofit organization choices. At the end of each quarter, they divide proportionally a portion of profits to each organization, according to the number of votes each received.
The 8th annual RESFEST starts this Thursday. Catch some of the year's most inventive short films, music videos, and animation, screened for four days at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers [Greenwich/West] 212.220.1460. Individual tickets are $9 in advance.

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