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Endangered Fish

We're not the food police and we New Yorkers don't need any more restrictions placed on us, since we don't live in a nannyocracy. Technically.

Still, we are concerned about the consequences of over-fishing, habitat damage, pollution and bycatch (unintentional catch). So, to that end, here's info about which fish are endangered and which are cause for concern. The information comes from the Conservation and Research program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, You'll find detailed reports on their site about why each fish has been placed in the category that it has. They also have a free, wallet-size card with this information that you can download. The idea, of course, is that you can choose to order in a restaurant or buy from a shop, armed with this knowledge.

Abalone, farmed
Catfish, farmed (U.S.)
Caviar, farmed
Clams, farmed
Crab, Dungeness
Halibut, (Pacific)
Lobster, Rock (CA, Australia)
Mussels, farmed
Oysters, farmed
Sablefish/Black cod, (BC, AK)
Salmon, canned
Salmon, wild-caught (CA, AK)
Seabass, White
Shrimp/Prawns, trap-caught
Squid, (CA market squid)
Striped Bass, farmed
Sturgeon, farmed
Tilapia, farmed
Trout, Rainbow, farmed
Tuna, Albacore/Yellowfin/Bigeye, (troll/pole caught)

Clams, wild-caught
Cod, Pacific
Crab, Imitation/Surimi
Crab, King (AK)
Crab, Snow
Lobster, American
Mussels, wild-caught
Oysters, wild-caught
Sablefish/Black cod, (CA, OR, WA)
Salmon, wild-caught (OR, WA)
Scallops, Bay (Farmed)
Scallops, Sea
Shark, Thresher (U.S. West Coast)
Shrimp, U.S. farmed or wild
Sole, English/Petrale/Dover/Rex
Swordfish, (U.S. West Coast)
Tuna, canned
Tuna, Albacore/Yellowfin/Bigeye, (longline or purse-seine caught)

Caviar, Beluga/Osetra/Sevruga
Chilean Seabass
Cod, Atlantic/Icelandic
Crab, King (imported)
Orange Roughy
Rockfish, (Rock Cod/Pacific Snapper)
Salmon, (farmed/Atlantic)
Sharks, except U.S. West Coast Thresher
Shrimp (imported)
Sturgeon, wild-caught
Swordfish, Atlantic
Tuna, Bluefin
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