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Enough About Us…What Do YOU Think of Us?

A couple of times a year we like to talk briefly about MUG, a few what and whys.

This was the entire text of an email from a Wall Street Journal reporter (and MUG subscriber) last week;"What is this? I signed up for MUG not marketing emails from NYU. Not happy about this."

Well. A few comments here. MUG is not a charitable organization. This reporter felt she should be getting something for nothing, but we don't. Call us wacky, but we provide a service and get a kick out of earning a living from that service.

About our ads: we have two kinds — sponsored links that appear within the daily email, differentiated from editorial because they're in a separate box, marked Sponsor Links, and there's a white background (distinct from the editorial colored background). We never have more than three sponsored links per day. No more than once a week, you may receive a "dedicated email" from an advertiser. They're marked as such in the email and we're going to add 'dedicated email' to the subject line in future emails to be even clearer.

Your email address is never, ever shared with any outside company. We handle all the dedicated emails in-house so there's no chance of our subscriber list — your email address — ending up in the hands of spammers.

Another promise is that we'll never run an ad from a company about which we have reservations. For example, we'd never accept advertising from Home Depot, at least not until they clean up some troubling business practices.

Having said all that, we love our advertisers. We appreciate their support and hope you'll both read what they have to say and take advantage of their offers when something interests you. We really think that our advertisers are value added.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we accept nothing, ever. No free lunches, no swag, no fees, no gifts, nothing at all for inclusion in editorial. We write about something if we think it will be of interest to you. Period. End of story.

Occasionally, we get letters from subscribers that run along the lines of this email we received this week that said, in part: " I've noticed that there has been an increase in opinion-related postings…I'm not sure this editorial commentary is necessary in this type of newsletter."

We have a couple of responses to that. First, almost all of MUG is opinion in some way or other, New York as filtered through our sensibilities. We're not fair and balanced.

Second, we see New York like this: everyone puts together their own version of the city. That's what makes New York so endlessly appealing, in our view. You can be a culture vulture, foodie, sports maven, shopaholic, do-gooder, nature-lover (and all the rest) in any combination and in any proportion. Our mission is to look at New York from as many perspectives as we can, react to what's happening in the city, what you're talking about, what you're interested in, to give you information that will help you refine your own New York.

While we love restaurants and shopping and music and all that, we think there's more to living here than just consuming stuff and we try to reflect that. That's why you'll occasionally find articles on things like organ donation, September 11th, medical privacy, subway searches, and disaster preparedness in addition to the fun stuff. We know that some days MUG will be more of interest to you than others. But which articles are interesting and which are not vary from reader to reader. That's the point.

Finally, we love getting your feedback, comments, rants (about us or others), and suggestions. Write to us here. We can't always write back quickly, but we really try to answer every email.

And that really is enough about us.

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