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Etsy Hunt

Good stuff, local and handmade.

Customized Pet Pillow

Coffee Filter Lamp

Elephant Bracelet

Mini Penguins, set of 10

Manhattan, original mix media, collage, painting

American Flags
Popchart's print of 48 flags from 1767 to the present.

Meyer Lemon Lollipops
$22 for a dozen

Artist Paper Wallets works with artists like Ai Wei Wei, who collaborated as part of his Free Express campaign.

Fox Coasters
$24, set of four

We love the prints by Carolyn Fuch in her Adventurous Pebble line. Maskeleton can be seen in more than one light (read the artist's back story, but the graphic is wonderfully memorable however you see it.)

Summer Clutch

Baby Onesie

Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser

Brownstones Tea Towel

Confetti Balloon

Greenwood Cemetery

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