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The Closet is an event where you can "shop, party, network, dance, and drink." We make it a policy never to mix shopping and drinking, but for those of you who can handle that, here are the details:

It takes place on August 5th from 7-10pm at Plaid (which used to be Spa), 76 E. 13th [4th/Bway]. It's $10 admission and you should RSVP to At the event, you'll find 16 indie designers and a wide range of clothes: t-shirts and jeans to dresses and suits, from $20-$300.

Some of the designers will be Power of Suggestion, Sampleline, Shin, Lovers & Rebels, Kline Enamel, Fusion Couture, Weight, Butter by Nadia, Naked Asian, Cheex Jeans, Rupani, Estilo New York, Ditty Inc., Mochachino, Lenore's Trends, and Abdul & Rachel Handbags & Clutches.

For more information,

Lo-Fi, 162 W. 84th [Amst] 212.579.2144. The men's clothing store is selling almost everything at 50% off: hip lines include Ben Sherman, Von Dutch, Seven, and more.

Up to 70% off designer summer clothing at Saks, 212.753.4000, now through August 3rd.

Agnes B, 79 Greene [Broome/Spring] 2nd Floor 212.548.9730, is having a sample sale, with up to 80% off spring and summer jackets, tops, skirts, pants, t-shirts, and accessories, including handbags, leather goods, and belts. Dates are Aug. 2-3, Sat. 10-7, Sun. 10-6. Cash only.

Lederer de Paris, 457 Mad [51st] 355.5515. Now through August 16th, handbags (originally as much as $400) are $79.95.
From a MUG subscriber:
"There's a store on 1st Avenue between 13th and 14th that is a Mecca for discount designer goodies. It's called Gabay's, 212.254.3180, and it's sort of a mini-Century 21 — not pretty and it takes a big of digging, but there are some serious gems. I've gotten Berdorf Goodman cashmere sweaters for $80 bucks, a pair of Manolos for under $200, and a Marc Jacobs bag for $300ish. Pretty amazing. You've gotta have an eye, but any fashionista worth her shoe collection should know about this place."

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