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We don't know of any reliable stats, but it seems that the cockroach numbers have been diminishing over the past decade. It used to be the bane of Manhattanites and the subject of endless conversations. But not any more. Have they all moved to Brooklyn, too?

If you've got yourself freeloading roommates, whether they're roaches, mice, or bedbugs, check out Bugs Are Gone, a family-owned, licensed and insured exterminating service. Reports we've gotten about the company are that they are conscientious and thorough—just what you want when dealing with the unwanted.

Need to get clear out the riffraff but don't want to introduce unnecessary toxins into your personal space? Check out Green Earth, an exterminating service that will discuss your pest situation and suggest the eco-friendliest methods possible. By and large, a 100% nontoxic exterminating service is oxymoronic.

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