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Extreme NY

Thirstiest Visitor
"Eighteen whiskies. A record, I think," is what Dylan Thomas supposedly said in 1953 before he staggered out of the White Horse Tavern and died.

Quirkiest Radio ID
On WINS: íI'm. (Pause) Judy. (Pause) DeAngelis.

Steepest Fall From Grace
Bernard Kerik

Wittiest New Yorker

Murkiest Local History
All those Patsys and Rays. And why is there no Patsy Ray Pizza? An explanation from NYC Eats here.

Grossest Comment by a Local Gasbag
Star Jones on the tsunami: "I was in Thailand for my honeymoon just a month ago. Thank God the tsunami didn't happen then. The Lord was looking out for me and I feel blessed."

Quietest Museum
Ed Ruscha, Warhol, Cy Twombly, de Kooning, Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and many others, all to yourself at the Fisher Landau Center, 38-27 30th Street LIC 718.937.0727. And admission's free.

Deepest Subway Station
191st St. on the 1/9 line.

Oldest Living Thing in NY
Insert Cindy Adams joke here. Actually, it's a tulip tree in Queen's Alley Pond Park and it's approximately 450 years old.

Weirdest Desserts in a Restaurant
Sam Mason's dessert menu at WD-50, 50 Clinton [Stanton/Rivington] 212.477.2900. Right now, parsnip cake, miso ice cream, olive clafoutis, pineapple with pine needles. Are pine needles really edible?

Busiest New Yorker
Charlie Ravioli, Olivia (daughter of Adam) Gopnik's imaginary playmate, who gained fame in a 2002 essay written by Gopnik père.

Dopiest Commercial for a News Organization
Hey, no one's ever used "We Are the Champions" in a commercial before. And Sam Champion's last name is Champion! Get it?! Runner-up: Brian Williams Reporting America's Story. Maybe America doesn't want its story reported every night at 6:30pm. Maybe it just wants someone to read the news.

Toniest Show this Season

Worst Service in New York
Duane Reade

Luckiest Ex-Pol/Criminal
Former State Senator Guy Velella was sentenced to a year at Rikers after pleading guilty to accepting bribes from companies bidding to paint bridges. He will be released today after serving six months. And, convicted criminal or not, he will still receive his $80,000-a-year pension.

Unlikeliest Meal
Dinner at Rao's.

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