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Extreme NY

Hottest Day on Record
July 9th, 1936: 106 degrees in Central Park

The Day of the Year
Who wrote that crap?

Deadest on Arrival
The Department of Homeland Security, headed thus far only by buffoons, incapable of getting the basic facts right, as in its dunderheaded National Asset Database. NY to Indiana: Drop Dead.

W is for Worst Subway Line
According to the Straphanger's Campaign, the N has given up its 2005 seat to….the W.

Ugly, Ugly, Ugliest New Restaurant in Ages
Planet Thailand 212. Woof.

Least Necessary New TV Show
The One. Like American Idol, only the cameras will follow them 24/7. We'd rather rip out our fingernails.

Most Insufferable Ego Sprawl
Gehryville, USA.

Person Who Should Be Most Ashamed to Call Himself a New Yorker
Judge Robert S. Smith (a dead ringer for The Simpsons' Mr. Burns) who wrote the majority opinion for NY's Court of Appeals that denied gay and lesbian New Yorkers the right to marry. But read Kurt Andersen's piece in this week's New York: he makes a good argument on why this ruling may be less a setback than it seems.

Shrewdest Marketer Since Madonna
Ann Coulter. Yes, she's of course completely vile, cynical, and destructive. But here's the thing. She drops a hate bomb and the mainstream media fall all over themselves to get the garbage-spew on the air. That's called enabling.

Surest Proof That There are Few Second Acts in American Life and No Third Acts
Le Cirque

By Cassandra Nye

There are hundreds of spas and salons in New York. Here's our quick guide to help you navigate the best treatments, allowing you to take a break from the beach and the gym for a little spa pampering…

TONING: Most of us know the importance of exercise and healthy eating, but sometimes the body doesn't fully cooperate. Minimize bumps and bloat with treatments that promise big results:
· Bliss offers the signature "Shrink Wrap" ($115 for 1 hour) at all its Manhattan locations (49th St., 57th St., and SoHo). Incorporating South African Grapefruit Essential oil and some major wrapping, they say you'll see a "smaller self in 60 minutes."

FACIALS: The Nickel Spa for Men offers a variety of treatments just for men. They tailor their Complete Facial ($95 for 1 hour) to your specific skin needs.

SMOOTHING: Skin that is soft, supple and smooth makes us all look better in summer shorts and tanks. A good exfoliation treatment yields skin so smooth, you'll be reminded what "baby soft" means:
· Scrub away dead skin and your worries with the Lemon Verbena Body Polish and Massage ($150 for 1 hour; $215 for 90 minutes) at downtown's mecca for east-meets-west treatments: The Great Jones Spa.
· New for summer at the Clarins Skin Spa on Madison Ave., the Fruit Salt Scrubs ($165 for 80 minutes) offer triple exfoliation.

WAXING: As US Weekly has pointed out to us on more than one occasion, unsightly hair can be cause for international media attention. In an effort to avoid any bad press of your own, try a little waxing:
· The new G Spa at the Hotel Gansevoort offers a simple take on the myriad of bikini wax options (who knows the true difference between a "Brazilian" and a "Deep French" anyway?). The spa offers three straightforward options for waxing those nether regions: "Go" ($35), "Going" ($40), and "Gone" ($60).
· After years of getting plucked and waxed at some of the city's top spas (and some not-so-top spas), we have to dole out praise to J'Adore Day Spa. Results are nearly perfect, (relatively) pain-free, and definitely easy on the wallet. Book an appointment with Natasha if you can (pricing varies by treatment; Brazilian bikini: $27).

TANNING: Sun exposure brings on a host of problems including sunburn, aging and skin cancer. Let the pros show you how good it feels to fake it.
· Cornelia Day Spa offers all-natural self-tanner application in a luxe setting. Buy a package of six for $360 (a $510 value)
· Not sure you're ready to venture out for an application? Call Sunchelle, airbrush tanning guru, and have her come to your home for a perfectly even, perfectly private experience (call for prices).

JUST OPENED! Not to be missed for an indulgent getaway, the brand new Mayflower Destination Spa at the Mayflower Inn in Washington, Connecticut is a tranquil and luxurious oasis just two and a half hours outside the city. Featuring top-of-the-line treatments, spa fare created by an award-winning chef and a personal advisor to guide you, this is spa-going at its best.


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