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THE MORNING LINE "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears." —George Orwell

Over 60,000 people have had their sight restored through corneal transplants made possible by donations to the Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration. Sign up to be a donor here.

We're not sure that the French eye drops Innoxa Gouttes Bleues are actually good for your eyes. However, they do give them a noticeably bright sparkle that we've never gotten from anything else.

Linda Wells makes the case for eye cream.

For over 80 years, H. L. Purdy Opticians has been the gold standard in eyewear stores (they have two shops on Madison, one on Lexington). They can also do a lot of fancy handiwork when it comes to customizing: they'll put your prescription into everything from telescopes to opera glasses to diving masks. They can even hand-paint a frame to match an outfit… For deals on designer eyewear, we like Chelsee Eyes, 20 W. 20th [5th/6th] Suite 804 212.242.4823.

Asia Week NY, March 9-18, is a feast for the eyes. One example: the work of Ito Sekisui V, the 76-year-old Japanese ceramicist, at Onishi Gallery. Mr. Sekisui has been designated a Living National Treasure by the Japanese government.

Zigana handles all of your evil-eye needs.

How to design websites that mirror how our eyes work. Hint: follow the F-Pattern.

Conor Oberst, also known as Bright Eyes, has a new album out March 17 titled Salutations, a companion to last year's Ruminations. He'll perform July 20th at the Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival. Tickets are on sale now.

Odd Eye, 524 E. 5th [A/B] 212.254.3435, features vintage and design collectibles.

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