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Fading into History

Since the city was but a wee fur trading outpost, its unofficial motto seems always to have been: out with the old, in with the new.

While most of us focus on the curtain-going-up part, we like to pause occasionally at MUG (here and here) to pay our respects when the curtain comes down.

In the arts and entertainment fields, the city is the poorer without CBGB, Gotham Book Mart, The Bottom Line, and Tonic. We'll miss Kurowycky Meat Products, which had a good run at 52 years, but still not long enough. Central Park isn't the same without the horses of Claremont Riding Academy on the bridle paths. And we doff our hat to the late Peter & Irving hat cleaning business. If you ever had a chance to spend some time with Horace Weeks there, you got to meet a true old-world craftsman even if he was born in Mississippi.

The public arts organization Creative Time is also paying tribute to NYC's creative history with plaques at 33 sites across the city in a project called One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This. At each location, there's a small sign with a short explanation, plus a number you can call on your cell phone for an audio story.

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