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In addition to Murakami's 1Q84, which we featured in our Fall Preview, and William Kennedy's Changó Beads and Two-Tone Shoes (just reviewed in the Times), here are some of the books on our reading list for the fall. Tomorrow, non-fiction.

What: The Dovekeepers
Who: Alice Hoffman
When: October 4
Why: A major new work from the author of Practical Magic and Here on Earth. Set in the first century at Masada, it's the story of the 900 Jews holding out against the Roman army, and four women in particular.

What: Cain
Who: José Saramago
When: October 4
Why: The final novel from the Portuguese writer, who died last year, a retelling of the Biblical brother-killer saga. In true Samargan style, doctrinal adherence is no virtue—there is much sardonic humor and, let's say, little patience for Old Testament God.

What: Bunheads
Who: Sophie Flack
When: October 10
Why: The former NYC Ballet dancer writes of a 19-year-old ballerina and the leaps and pratfalls inside the insular world of the 'Manhattan Ballet Company'.

What: The Marriage Plot
Who: Jeffrey Eugenides
When: October 11
Why: It's been nearly a decade since Eugenides' last novel (the much-loved Middlesex) and fans will devour this story, a love triangle that begins at Brown in the early 1980s.

What: Moby-Dick in Pictures
Who: Matt Kish
When: October 11
Why: Subtitled One Drawing for Every Page, the depths of imagination and joys of art are manifest in Kish's telling of select passages of Moby-Dick through drawing, painting, collage, and seemingly limitless inspiration.

What: The Stranger's Child
Who: Alan Hollinghurst
When: October 11
Why: As you expect from the author of The Line of Beauty, a beautifully written novel that begins in the summer of 1913—a love story and its poetic legacy that traverses the decades.

What: Zone One
Who: Colson Whitehead
When: October 18
Why: Whitehead takes a gusto-filled plunge into the zombie pool, describing a post-apocalyptic world, focusing on three days in New York City and survivors who are trying to navigate the grim new world. Grim it may be, but Whitehead's also injects plenty of graveyard humor.

What: Nanjing Requiem
Who: Ha Jin
When: October 18
Why: In a distinctively dispassionate voice, Ha Jin (Waiting) confronts the horrific events of the Rape of Nanjing, finding, too, stirring moments of bravery.

What: The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt
Who: Caroline Preston
When: October 25
Why: The effervescent story, conveyed as a scrapbook, of a young woman in the 1920s as she begins her journey that wends through New York and Paris, family and romance.

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